Tuesday, February 11, 2014


"Tell one your secret, but beware of two. All know what is known to three." 
- Norse proverb

Blood and bloody ashes. I'm now seeing the results of my drunken mistake. It appears like the whole office knows, and it feels like the whole world knows. Why didn't I think it could go wrong? Damn alcohol, clouding my judgment and removing my inhibitions. I told it to 5 more people but apparently they are blabbermouths and now the word has spread.

That Meadow was the girl I had coffee with, four moons ago.

That she is part of the auction which will have a date with the highest bidder on Friday (sort of like the Basket Boys in Flipped) has now made it even worse. I think I uttered a curse when I saw her name. wtf? It was already complicated as it is. I haven't even gathered my thoughts on what I planned to do on Wednesday and much more on Friday. And now this.

What should I do? Should I bid? Doesn't that make it cheap? But if no one bids, I think it will be worse for her. But if someone else bids, it will be worse for me.

I could be hitting two birds with one stone here. But I'm worried it depreciates the actual thought. But if I make it good on Wednesday, then on Friday if I do win the bid, then...

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