Monday, October 24, 2011

Might As Well

So I found myself on a Monday afternoon just bored to do anything. I could work on my unbuilt gunpla (a hobby I caught these past few months) and I already have the box but suddenly I don't feel like it. I am still on US shift (for three years already, I think) and I'm working at home every Sunday  for the past weeks so I'm asleep by morning and wake up by late lunch. Not much time before I need go to sleep again. Might as well blog.

As I haven't blog for a while, I feel as if my mind is clogged with things I want to say.

The TV series Community is still funny to me. I think I have watched the first season three times already. The current season is not as funny as the first two but the just had 4 episodes so I'm not judging. If you have watched a lot of movies and TV series you can relate to many of their jokes. And of course, Alison Brie.

I'm thinking of buying an Android phone. I'm leaning towards HTC Desire HD, although I initially wanted an LG Optimus Black. But I can probably buy a cheaper 2nd hand HTC DHD at tipidcp instead of a brand new LG OB. Argh. Tagalog na nga lang...

Bakit gusto ko bumili ng bago? Wala lang. Pangit na ng nokia e. Envy drives consumerism sabi nga. parang andami pwede gawin pag Android yung phone. Saka dahil ang haba na ng byahe ko papunta at pauwi tingin ko lang mas marami ako magagawa kaysa manuod ng telebabad ng GMA sa bus.