Thursday, September 7, 2006

Fire in the Hole!

"...because although the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will never lose their meaning..." --V, V for Vendetta

I could have posted an entry yesterday at the TNB office, much to the clamor of my “fans” (TNB chapter)..hehe. However, due to the fact that “other people” were behind my back, engrossed in watching San Beda hammer Letran in the NCAA eliminations, I had an inkling that they might see what I might type…and well, I don’t like people watching me “pour my heart out”. It’s a private matter to me, at least until I post it here, and then you can stare at it forever if that’s what you really want…

While surfing the net for flash tutorials, I came across a good Flash site, and some thought it to be my blogsite…which is a miracle really. I’m not even familiar with Flash yet. Or CSS for that matter. How can I make anything as complicated as that? I am determined to learn though. And I will, mind you. Anyway, I don’t know whether I heard right, but one of the comments that reached my ears didn’t sound good.

I was bloody well annoyed with those “innocently-given-but-nevertheless-offensive” remarks about blogging spewed out by one of those “other people”. If I didn’t flaming guard my tongue, I may have lashed out.
The Dratsab.

I don’t really bloody care if you don’t want to read any blogs, but leave the bloggers alone. If you don’t want to bloody hear us tell how our bloody pet just died then shut up and LEAVE us alone. And keep your flaming thoughts to yourself. I don’t bloody need them.


  1. oooh! a fiery orange entry with flaming words, in str8 english!

    nahihirapan ako gumawa ng comment, d ko na kaya mag straight english!!!

    Sino na naman yan ang nag comment about sa bloggers? hmmm...

    FYI, you always have a choice whether or not you want to read our blogs. We dont just write spam... we dont send to everyone in our address books... we dont forward chain letters... and we dont make pop-ups.

    Our thoughts are there for the world to see, if and only if the proper URL is typed in.

    So, to the people who think blogging is a bad idea... keep your thoughts to yourselves. We're not forcing you to view our blogs. **** off!

    Sir ninong, keep on blogging! and more traffic for your blog!

  2. Ikeeeee~ Ninong :D Alam naman naming hindi ka papipigil sa mga lokong yun :P

    (^__^)b *thumbs up sign*

  3. Tama kayo diyan! hehe. Go bloggers! hahaha.

  4. Hehehe... kilala ko kung sino ung mga un! Hahahahaha! Talga they said that? siguro hindi naman talga nila sadya. alam mo naman un, basta nalang salita ng salita ^^ wag nalang u maoffend. bayaan mo nalang sila.

    pero, kung gusto talga nila ng away. e di away! arrrr.. mabuhay ang blogging!


  5. Whoosh! A bloody entry aimed at piercing the heart or hearts of the fools who dared to cross sir Feddie's path! Damnation to all! Argh!!

    Ha ha ha.. keep up the nice entries sir.. there's nothing like reading a good blog after a hard day at school. ^_^

  6. Speaking of the "other people" that you talked about, nag-post si gago about blogs, sa friendster pa. Hehe..

    Well, ganun talaga. May mga tao talagang iba mag-isip (or di masyadong nag-iisip).

    Ang masasabi ko lang ay yung mga taong sabaw ang utak kahit damitan mo pa ng ginto, pagupitan mo ng maayos, bigyan mo ng laptop at sabitan mo ng headset ng IPOD sa tenga, lalabas pa rin ang kabobohan.. Pagbigyan na lang natin sila.