Sunday, January 21, 2007


"Procrastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good, but in the end you're only screwing yourself. "
- anonymous

i certainly did not write that quote, by the way... i just saw it on a site. it's a bit thought-provoking, i guess, and eye-catching too... and that is why you see it up there. it may inspire you to read my post... and stop procrastinating about commenting on it... =P

mapua's foundation "week" is over, and i guess classes will resume again tomorrow. no disasters coming (hopefully...), no holiday celebrations, no more breaks until the end of term. That's too bad... i was getting used to not attending my classes... hmmm... Maybe i'll cut some classes tomorrow... you know, to readjust or something... ;)

i did not go to school last thursday...since i was too tired and had other things to do... i did not get to see luna_sy's gimmick to please his girlfriend on their 17th monthsary (mental note: saving gimmick in main memory... ... ... ... done.), i also missed the 82 seconds of fame...oh well, it's not really bad at all. at least i was able to rest...and umm...iron our clothes... >_<

i went to Mapua last friday by 10:30 am only to find out that there are no classes in thermodynamics... only attendance signing. i had 4.5 hours of vacant time... i did not go to the org booths since i was slightly avoiding the quadrangle because i am not wearing pink which MICRONS were supposed to wear. well, for their information, i do not have any pink tshirt, polo or such... even if i wanted to, i cant... and well, i don't think pink looks that good on me... hehe.

i played pusoy dos to while away the time... i think i lost some money to sir ray, as it was his lucky day. i wanted to play billiards but nobody seems to play the game anymore... bummer. i did not attend my java class, because i don't want to. because it is boring... and i'm not in the mood for any seatworks...

although i had to attend my comorg class... thankfully, it was not such a loss... our professor assigned the topics we had to report... (reporting's the oldest teacher pasttime!!!) but i manage to get a very easy topic... i hope ill be able to do it as early as possible to avoid complications...

i played some more pusoy dos at the office when i came back and won some of what i lost to kuya ray, since kuya ray is not playing anymore...hehe. then we went to the gym to watch the Mr. and Ms. Cardinal 2007 (?)...

i would like to thank our sponsor, mr. armando ricardo j. aguado, for giving us "complimentary passes" to the event. i would also like to congratulate him for ranking first in the president's awardees list with the gwa of 1.10!!! i did not think that sir armand was a monster, but now i'm having doubts... he might be an alien... that would explain his extreme intelligence...hehe.

i suppose i could have made it to the list, if only i had known that it exists at all... hehe... or maybe not... i've never had a grade of 1.00 in my lifetime... unless the CWTS grade counts.

i think sir armand deliberately made a few mistakes, so that he will not get a grade of 1.00... because if he did, there will be no doubt at all that he is an alien sent to rule the world... hehe.. peace, sir armand... i blog in peace. =)

this year's pageant is a lot more wholesome than last year, there were less skin shown by girls, although the boys were a different story... i got to hand it to mr. architecture, though... it was pure guts... i mean if guts were a living thing, i'll say mr. AR is GUTS PERSONIFIED... he should have won the event... that way, we have a scandal in our hands!

the mapua audience certainly is a bad audience for a pageant... they can destroy a contestant's life... tsk tsk...

i saw alyssa gibbs at the gym by the way, ezra says she is the girlfriend of mr. che... the collegian boy... well, she looks shorter in real life...

ive heard rumors concerning the winner of the mr. cardinal... that he is not...umm... symmetrically balanced...if you get what i mean, then good for you. ;)

i also heard that ms. nursing is a model, ivankirk even posted a photo...

i was betting on ms. cs, as her skimpy dancesport sportswear certainly perked the night up. aaaaaaaahhh... i'm shouting again... hooooooooo!!!! hehe... ;) too bad, she only won second place... the next issue's coed might not be that coed-able, i'm not sure...well, not my problem. ean's.

i went to school last saturday, even though i have no classes... because most events that will take place concerned sports... i was at school by 10 am, only to find out that the event was postponed... and the next event was slated at two.

the next event was an exhibition game between former Cardinals... but i think i'll save that story for the next post...O_o

the things that i will have to do are starting to pile up.

the february issue is nearing it's deadline... it will give me some problems by this coming week, i'm sure of it... i have to finish more than half by the end of the week or i'll be having more problems.

my groupmates in design 2 are assigning me to program the microcontrollers that we are going to use for our prototype. how thoughtful of them. O_o. sir ray tells me it's easy... but well, i am going to find out soon enough... there is more at stake, i think. My pride is. I wouldn't give one of my groupmates (the one who backstabbed me to get the girl) the satisfaction of thinking that he is better than me... although he probably some ways... but i think i'm better adjusted! (bitter)

"show weakness to hide true strength" - hallmark card

i still have to learn for my software design... which i admit i still am not familiar with... i would like to learn how to program software using vb...but there isn't just enough time for everything... i had to make time for it somehow... i'll be programming some of the software, i'm sure.

add java to the list since i need to learn this for my elective too... there would be some sort of machine problem by the end of the term...

i think that time is flowing fast these days... i don't have time to do most things... i couldn't even watch tv anymore unless i had to iron clothes or eat breakfast... darn...


  1. Grabe sir Feddie, it's been quite a while since I last read your blog. Nung New Year pa yung huling basa ko. I've read everything since then para ma-update ako. As usual, enjoy nanaman basahin ang mga entries mo. Dapat magsign-up ka na sa Google AdSense o kaya sa isa sa mga Affiliate Programs for Blogs (like yung sa Amazon) para may additional income ka. Anyway, mukhang marami ka naman bisita sa blog mo, ok yun.

    Thanks ulit sa congratulations, he he he. Sana makanood ka pa ng next na Mr. and Ms. Cardinals, pero bilang graduate na at hindi studyante. ~_^

    Sa katapusan ng comment na to, iiwanan kita ng points to ponder, he he he. "Good grades are never a guarantee for success in life; they only get you halfway there, the rest is still up to you." - Armand's Quotable Quotes, Copyright 2007

    Eto mas magulo (at walang sense, trip lang talaga, LOL):

    "Birds of the same together flock the feather." - Armand's Quotable Quotes, Copyright 2007

  2. salamat sa comment sir....hehe... nakita ko nga yung adsense dati e..kaya lang naguluhan ako kaya di ko na natuloy ilagay...hehe...

    sana na grumaduate din... hehe...

    nice quotes hehe...iba talaga kapag DIPLOMATICALLY IMMUNE ka... hehe ;)

  3. hey ninong, i made my blog private cause my brother taught my parents how to browse... waaa

    if you still want to read, just email me your google mail address so that i can allow you access... thanx... pa rin