Thursday, January 18, 2007


Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them.
~Marcel Proust

Stubborness does have its helpful features. You always know what you are going to be thinking tomorrow. ~Glen Beaman

hello everyone...i've just noticed that Blogger has a new version... it seems they took out that beta word and added some new features and such... never tried anything yet though. The ads are telling me its way, way better now...but you know advertisements...they tell you what you want to hear.

i suddenly felt tired using tagalog... maybe because i have been using the language at the Mapua Ownage forum for more than a month. I've been hanging out there for a long time. It seems spamming has its attractions...especially when you can get away with it. I was targeting the top 4 poster or top 3 poster spot and i have less than 300 posts to go to reach that point...


i've reached a saturation point though. when DRE (i think) removed some threads from the post count, more than 900 of my posts were gone like burst bubbles!!! oh...wasted time... from the fifth spot i'm suddenly back to the 15th. just like that. it certainly took my enthusiasm away. i suddenly became tired of posting there... and here i am back.

some things are gone with a blink...and my life's filled with those.



Mapua is celebrating it's 82nd foundation day. i think it's a week early, since Mapua was founded on january 25, 2005. i remember writing a seven-thousand-peso-worth essay corcerning the 80th... too bad it never got published. and i don't have the original copy. BLINK!
darn Malayan issue... My essay was flushed down the drain.

It's a drab foundation day anyway, i suppose other schools celebration foundation days WITHOUT classes. I know i'm smart (at times. -_-) but they dont have to drill us into boring classes so i'll never forget that this is QUARTERM... i think there's a hidden issue here.

Since 2005, during November, Mapua is celebrating something obscure... They used to call it Mapua-on-Sale...but because of the weird connotations that I'm sure you wouldn't miss... ( Mapua's already bought, by the way) they changed it to Mapua Unleashed.

Conspiracy bums are saying that it was a celebration concerning Mapua's name change into Malayan... but hey, I'm not one of those... yet. But unless i am very wrong, there are almost no classes during those days in november... but there ARE classes during the Foundation...


i liked the fireworks that flashed though the wednesday night sky above Mapua, though. it was another dose of the recently concluded Pyrolympics... If you were there at the quadrangle, i think you'll infer that most Mapuans have never seen fireworks before. >_<

i've just finished watching the MONK DVDs, although my mother still has not. I am currently watching HOUSE M.D. and i can say that i am now a fan of another series. it was a good decision to buy the season 1 and season 2, i think i'll go back to carriedo to buy season 3. hope there's a monk season 5 dvd anytime soon...

i'll be posting that love story, for those who are interested...but maybe not here... i don't like to see the story here... i'll tell you where...when something comes up... hehe...

i dont know if i'll stick with this English stuff... what do you think?

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