Sunday, September 21, 2014


“I hated them because they had something I had not yet had, and I said to myself, I said to myself again, someday I will be as happy as any of you, you will see.” ― Charles Bukowski

I wanted to talk to someone about this. But I can't find anyone I could, you know, talk to about this. Even people who tell me their secrets, I can't tell them unless they pry.

All this attention from her, is getting to me. I could say that I'm a bit surprised. It came out of nowhere. Here I was trying to get home, after spending time alone at the book fair. Getting online to play an online game on my phone and she strikes a conversation.

Ok, it didn't really come out of nowhere. Since we have talked long before. But there's something that happened yesterday. And I felt it strongly. And now as always, I don't know.

Am I jumping at this opportunity eagerly because like a parched throat I'm eager for a single drop? Maybe. I'm just a sucker for a good conversation.

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