Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Page

"Forget all the reasons why it wont work and believe the one reason that it will."

Hello 2014.

I managed to get drunk on red wine. Never thought those things could get you drunk. But apparently they can, when you drink the whole bottle. Yey! People at our home would probably frown on this (they think drinking is a vice) but I don't care...

This year I get to make new mistakes.

So I welcomed this year working. Hopefully, although that might mean my whole year is work, I hope it just means I'm secured in my job throughout the year. I'm still not sure what would happen with the whole acquisition thing going on, my company getting eaten by a larger one, but I'm fairly optimistic that things would get better.

Hopefully, although our teams will get reorganized, I won't shift very far from the people I've gotten close with this year. There are still a lot of questions regarding this and I still don't know how it would pan out. I hope I'll still be in the same team as Meadow. And that I'll still be on US shift (for financial reasons)

I will say, drunk as I am, that I sort of envy my sister. I mean she has maybe found the love of her life. It's a rare thing I think, and I'm still not sure if they're going to last... but things seem to be off in a good start. When we were talking before I think she mentioned she has not felt it ever, true love that is. But now, there is no doubt to me that that is what she has. I wish it upon myself, that hopefully I'll find my own. I mean, I have wished it time and again but I've taken baby steps to do something about it.

This year should be different.

I've come a long way in the past years, and now I've reached a point that it seemed time is now faster than it ever was. Maybe as you get older, time is faster in your perspective. I feel like I'm running out of time. Another year and I'll be 28 years old. Damn.

28 years single. C'mon 2014, give me something.

Well, I hope I could make a move on Meadow. I mean, really, 3 months of blogging mostly about her should account to something. I still can't get a read on her. But talking to my friend, it may be because my intentions are unclear. I wish I could get a date with her. And that it would be a good one. Argh. Such things, when you think too much, you'll never get anywhere.

I hope I have the courage to make changes, and be not afraid of trying out new things and even committing mistakes. I hope I could leave my comfort zone and see the world beyond. And learn. And have fun.

I do want to know how it feels to be in a relationship. C'mon 2014, give me something.

Hopefully, I'll still be active in this blog. It's been a while and nobody's really reading it I think. But it's such a relief to get my thoughts out there. I wish I could write about other things.

Hello 2014. Please be good to me. Help me take more calculated risks, and have the courage to accept that I could make mistakes, but that it will make me better. May I get out of my comfort zone and grow. And maybe looking back at this post, I will have a smile on my face telling myself, "oh my, how far I did go".

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