Monday, April 8, 2013

What If

“It is a risk to love.
What if it doesn't work out?
Ah, but what if it does.” ― Peter McWilliams

I felt a compulsion to blog today and I gave in, although I'm not sure if I'll have a lot to talk about. Weekend work is over for two Sundays now and hopefully until the end of this month. I'm not sure on May since there's another project approaching a strict deadline. Oh well, such is life. It's not like there are no deadlines in other jobs anyway.

I removed the cbox on the blog because it's just spam everyday. I don't know those "people" and they keep saying the same annoying things. Also, there's no sense to keep it there when I can't even track its updates like I used to when it felt like everyone was blogging and we felt that it would somehow last.

So I was in a team outing yesterday and I noticed how the times had changed. I remember back during my first team outing at work and there were only two of us new hires. Now, I'm one of the oldest in the team and a team lead at that. I feel old. Sometimes I forget my age for a fleeting moment and think I am in my early 20s. But it is not so.

There's someone in that team...

I'm having a continuous correspondence through FB with one of my college friends and we have noticed that a lot of the people we know are getting married and / or having a baby. What happened? We did felt being left behind somehow, although I can blame her for that somewhat (which is water under the bridge). At least she's in a relationship (although on a rocky road for a while) while I am yet to find myself in one.

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