Saturday, October 21, 2006

Orchid Mode

"An idle mind is the devil's workshop"
- anonymous

(ginawa ang draft habang nasa classroom...)

These past few weeks, I could have given anything for the same remote control like the one adam sandler used in Click. I would have given anything for some sort of autopilot to take care of my daily activities just so my body can stay at the classroom yet my being can be elsewhere doing something else.

Daydreaming, as well as astral projections, is out of the list though, since I still have to feint attention or else the professor will have my guts skewered in front of everyone.

Having not enough sleep doesn’t help either, since instead of one enemy, I now have two. Not only do I have to fight intense boredom emanating from the four flaming walls of the classroom, but I also have to fight waves of sleepiness that attack me during lecture hours. Grrrr…

My body clock is in a mess. I am attuned to sleeping way, way past midnight and waking up at least by nine o clock in the morning… And I cannot sleep early. I waste more hours trying to get myself to sleep early than sleeping itself… And this term, I HAVE TO WAKE UP BY 5:00 AM! That’s an average of four hours stolen from me. And I get very irritated sometimes, I feel cheated of what is due. I feel like a drunk the whole day, lightheaded and very drowsy.

And let me attest to the fact that classrooms during lectures are very, very conducive to sleeping…especially those air-conditioned rooms, ah…paradise for the sleepyheads. I’m not lying if I tell you that I sleep longer at the TNB office than at my own bed. Sometimes I even sleep longer while riding the fx than hugging my pillow.

Yet there are so many things to do…and I feel like I do not have enough hands to do each one. Two hands can only do so much. ninong cannot do everything.

That is one hell of an alibi to justify why I am in orchid mode. Maybe it should have been parasite mode but I think the word parasite is too strong a word, especially when it is applied to me. Haha. If you have heard, orchids and trees employ a symbiotic relationship called commensalism wherein one party benefits from the other. But unlike parasitism, the other party is not harmed by the symbiosis. Likewise, I benefit from the work of my groupmates, but I don’t think I harm them in any way. I will help them should they require it, but since they do not ask, I assume they can do it themselves.

Being an editor is no easy job. NO EASY JOB. Sir ean can attest to that. And I do not envy sir ean for being the features editor. As sports editor, I only manage two pages while he manages at least four to five pages. I don’t know how he finds the time, but if I have to do his job and everything else, you can just kill me now and be done with it. Allow me to rest in peace.

See this blog post? It’s in English. I rarely do English blogs anymore but when I do them, I’m a bit on the edge of breaking down. Also, editing and writing articles, just grows on you, I guess. If you do them for the better part of your time, it grows on you. And this software-engineering-lecture-class-powerpoint-reporting-projected -on-the-wall-thingy-done-in-front-of-me is putting ME at wits end. I hope the 10:30 bell rings right now. If boredom can kill anyone, I am dead a long time ago. Bummer.

I am not complaining on being an editor, anyway. I mean, I prioritize this thing among anything else. And it has been one of my principles in life that when choosing between what you like to do and what you have to do, you chose what you like to do first. To hell with everything else. Although there are exceptions, especially during hell week and some special deadlines, I abide with this way of life.

Oh and by the way, I will take that scholarship anytime.


  1. sir... i cant help but notice that our paths are drawn the same way. hehe... I think im in my "bakit ngayon ka lang" mode... hehe... no details on that yet. :D anyways, i hope we can still do out jobs well even with all the distractions and requirements that continue to flood our lives. nice entry sir. more power and definitely more sleep.

  2. nice entry. :D

    the reason i don't write in tagalog in my journal (well, most of the time) is because i want to practice my english language skills (aside from foreign friends reading the blog LOL). it was kuya rj (yung eic before kuya ace) who encouraged me to continue doing that. :)

    wish you more energy and more sleep during the holidays (^__^)v