Monday, June 3, 2013

Messed Up People This Week

So it's been days and I did not act on what I felt that past weekend. And just like what happened weeks before, the feeling has ebbed somewhat. Probably means if I don't let it prosper, it would not really grow. And if I don't think about it that much, it would not get any worse.

I had two days off after last weekend and though I contemplated on leaving the house and watching the StarTrek movie by myself, I ended up not leaving the house at all for two days. I just alternated from watching anime / tv / movie, to building gunpla and playing Arkham Asylum. So I did not feel rested at all when I got back at the office. Everything's busy again and we forget.

Someone stole my headset while I was sleeping at the office. I had it on me while I was sleeping at the quiet room and when I woke up, it was gone. It was a good headset, dammit. An AudioTechnica SJ55. I was fond of it because even after a year it was still working OK. Then it was just gone. I may have wanted to replace it but I did not want to lose it that way. I hope I never catch that thief because I want to give him a good beating even if I get suspended for it. When you're already earning money, I don't understand why you would still steal from others. I mean poor people would have their reasons but you have a shouldn't have to steal from others. That is just messed up. And even though I don't believe anymore in heaven or hell, I hope you get what you deserve, in this life or in the next. May the hands that you use to steal from others fail you when you need them.

Someone shouted swear words at my father last weekend. A driver of another car who must be in a real hurry to shout at my father for blocking the road for 10 seconds just so my mother can get out of the car. I was appalled at that guy's attitude. I don't know what made him act that way, but I hope he learns a lesson. Though my father was wrong that time since he did block the road, he did not need be cursed at. A shame unto him, for he even had a child on the passenger seat when he shouted obscene words at us. May you encounter someone who wouldn't stand for what you say and make you eat your words.

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